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Many of the reputed banks, firms and organizations makes use of an operating system which is known as Solaris in order to keep their important and confidential data safe and secure. The systems which are used in these firms are mission critical ones and therefore, they need high security which is given by Solaris. For all these above reasons Solaris is highly used in the industries.


Xplore SAP provides Solaris training which is preferred heavily today. It is the best centre for getting trained for the Solaris certification. All kind of learning material which is needed by the candidates is provided here. It will provide you with the best experiences to know about Solaris and work on the practical projects to gather knowledge regarding the advantages of Solaris. Sun Solaris training courses are also offered and details can be obtained from our website.

SUN SOLARIS ADMINISTRATION 10 TrainingOur USP that differentiates us for Solaris training:

The important aspects of the Solaris training courses which cannot be overlooked are described in the below section.

  • Trainers:  The trainers which help in the learning process are experienced. They clear the doubts of the candidates with ease. They provide good solutions to solve the problems related to Solaris.
  • Training:  Some interactive sections help in the real time courses which provide detail knowledge of Solaris. You can also take the benefits of the oracle Solaris training.
  • Faculties Availability: Experienced faculty is present who discuss and provide solutions to the problems that arise during the training. Here, the facility of live chats is provided.
  • Courses:  Crash courses are offered by us. Solaris training courses will help you to know everything about Solaris.
  • Study Material:  Relevant study material is provided to the students who are opting for the Sun Solaris training courses.
  • Projects: Live projects are very good for the beginners because they get to know what kind of problems the professionals face every day. Such opportunities to work on these practical projects are provided to the students.
  • Practical: In the Solaris online training, along with the practical training, preparations regarding the interviews are conducted.

Even the preparation of a good resume is advised and several videos are given to the students to enhance the quality of the learning. This helps the candidates to catch the information in a better and effective way.

Table of content for Solarisis Training


Security Concepts
Creating a Security Policy
Securing User Accounts
Securing System Accounts
Securing the File System
System Startup and Processes
Programmed Threats
Physical Security
Network Security


Enrolment procedure:

Get yourself enrolled today for the Solaris training online. There are so many types of courses which include Solaris administration training and also Solaris 11 training. The enrollment procedure is quite easy and anybody who is interested in the SAP training courses can get themselves registered in no time.

Placements after Solaris Training:

Mock tests and interviews are conducted once the training process is finished. The interviews are conducted according to the talent and interest of the candidates. Job assistance services are provided to them which relieve them from the worries about the placements.

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