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Selenium is an open source and a portable software framework for the development of web applications. It provides playback/record tools for conducting tests without the help of scripting language used for the tests. It also offers Selenese language to write the scripts in any language like java, C#, Perl, Python, Ruby and many more.  It can work swiftly on many operating systems like Linux, Macintosh and Windows.course content

Xplore SAP is that site which provides courses for Selenium training. This program will make you learn the basics and concepts of selenium course. You will be knowledgeable in your field. You will be provided with good learning material and you can easily clear your doubts as experts are there to help you. The selenium training online is provided here in order to offer training courses online to those who are staying far away or abroad. Apart from these, courses on free selenium training online are being offered by Xplore SAP.

Our USP that differentiates us for Selenium training:

There are some of the important aspects which should be noted before going through the selenium training courses which are offered here.

  • Trainers: A team of professionals will be provided to you who will guide you throughout the entire course. Selenium certification courses are also provided here. Best solutions are provided to your problems.
  • Training:  Real time and practical courses are provided which will help the students to know about the situations and problems that experts face every day. Interactive segments will also be held.
  • Faculties Availability: Faculties are available whenever you encounter problem. You can discuss your problems easily with them with the help of live chats.
  • Courses: Regular courses regarding the Selenium testing training are managed online. Along with this there are so many crash courses which are scheduled here.
  • Study Material: You will be provided with quality learning material which will not only help in the training but will also help in the interview preparations.
  • Projects: You will be working on the live projects in order to enhance your skills.
  • Practical:  Practical training of the courses is provided here. You will also be assisted to prepare a quality resume.

Here is the table of learning modules of the selenium training. Go through it!

                                                 Table of content for Selenium training

Automation Introduction
Introduction to Selenium
Selenium Components
Core Java and Eclipse
Selenium RC
Junit & Test NG Framework
Web Driver


Enrolment procedure:

You can get yourself enrolled for the courses and programs that are offered by Xplore SAP. Even the courses related to the free Selenium training is there which will help you in knowing everything about Selenium.

Placements after Selenium training:

The interviews will be held according to the capability of the trainees. You have to be deserving and capable enough to grab the job. Our marketing team will help you by providing job assistance. Based on your talent you will be guided. Mock interviews and technical help will also be provided here once the training is finished.

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