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SAP Online Training

course contentSAP SuccessFactor Online Training

Introduction to SAP Success Factor Cloud and Networking Concepts

Define cloud computing Service delivery models Cloud deployment scenarios Security considerations
Impact and changes of cloud computing on IT service management
Compliance, risks, and regulatory consequences
Fundamentals of networking
Introduction to TCP / IP Building a simple network Switching, IP Routing
LAN / WAN Connections
Success Factor Cloud Storage & Virtualization concepts (CSVC)
SAN Protocols
SAN Topology
Fiber Channel over Ethernet
Switches and Directors
SAN Design: Concepts
Converged Infrastructure: Concepts / scenarios
Virtualization Essentials: Approaches, techniques & Implication
Hypervisor: Virtual machines, Virtualization (server, network & storage) & financial impact
Success Factor Virtualization Management (VM)

Virtualization fit: In the cloud architecture
Management Server: Architecture, Appliance, Configuration & Management
Configuration and management of Virtual Network Configuration and Management of Virtual Storage Virtual Machine Management: Deploy / Modify Data Protection: Back up / optimizing efficiencies Access and Authentication Control
Resource Management and Monitoring
Virtual CPU: Configure, manage & optimize
Monitor resource usage using Server performance graphs and alarms
Scalability: Resource allocation & scheduling
Success Factor Cloud Configuration Management (CCM)
Cloud Director Basics: Architecture, functions, resources, installation & configuration CLOUD CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT: Architecture, Installation, Networking, Monitoring, Connectivity & Security
Cost analysis and Reporting in Cloud Environment
Managing Cloud Resources
Integration of SAP HCM and SAP Success Factor
Integration of SAP HANA and SAP Success Factor

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