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SAP Online Training

SAP Security Online TrainingWhat is SAP Security training?

Providing security to the private details and information of the company is very much necessary. Therefore, it is quite important issue to provide security to the files and data of the firm and to keep it away from the malicious attacks. This will help in keeping the systems protected which will lead to the protected data systems.

Xplore SAP is one of the best places where courses regarding the SAP security online training are provided. Such type of online training helps the candidates to know about the important security features, related risks, threats and also how to remove them. Along with this, SAP security certification courses are also provided. The courses offered here will provide a wide variety of administration details which will be helpful in maintaining and managing the database system.

Our USP that differentiates us for SAP security trainingcourse content

The important aspects of the courses which must not be ignored are given in detail below. Have a look!

  • Trainers:  The professional trainers teach the students all the latest concepts of the courses. They start with the basics providing quality learning to the candidates. You may have your all doubts cleared from here.
  • Training: Real time and practical training is provided to the students. SAP security training courses are helpful in making the students learn about the security features.
  • Faculties: Live chat is a very popular feature which is used by the instructors for the teaching processes and solving the problems of the candidates.
  • Courses: It includes online sap security training courses which are available to the candidates around the world. SAP security crash courses are also offered here.
  • Study Material: Many kind of study materials relevant to the courses are being provided here. SAP security training material helps the candidates to explore more about the security issues and the related information.
  • Projects: The professionals will assist the candidates in terms of working on the practical projects.
  • Practical: Mock interviews are conducted along with the training procedures. SAP security training online guides you through the technical details which are used to protect the confidential details of the company.


                                                 Table of content for SAP Security Training


 Introduction to SAP Technical Administration
Securing and Auditing Services in Production Systems
SAP Profile Generator Tool
SAP User Settings
Access Control and User Administration
New Dimensional Products Security
Transporting Authorization Objects
SAP Authorization Concepts
Further Details


Enrolment procedure:

Xplore SAP provides you with the enrollment facilities and all those who want to take the benefits of such courses, they can get themselves enrolled. After completing the sap security training, some tests will be held to know the strengths of the candidates. The enrollment process is easy and can be done by anyone having interest in the courses we offer.

Placement details:

Interviews will be conducted according to the fields of the trainees. Our marketing team contains some experienced professionals who will help the candidates in providing job assistance.  SAP security jobs have good salary packages which will be provided to the talented candidates. Technical help, interviews and help regarding the resume preparation will be provided.


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