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The SAP QM stands for the SAP Quality Management that is used in improving the quality of the goods that includes the certificates, inspections, execution and planning. In this the direct processing or the interaction with the data is not done. The functions of the SAP QM quality management are:

  • Quality Planning: In this the basic data is managed that is used for the purpose of the inspection planning and quality planning. The specification of the material is also given.
  • Quality Inspection: The inspection is triggered here. With the sample calculation and the inspection plan selection, the inspection processing is done. For the purpose of inspection and sampling the shop papers are printed. The actions that are to be followed and the decisions for the usage are made.
  • Quality Control: The samples are taken to evaluate the quality level. For the inspections and their results the Quality Management Information System is used (QMIS).

At Xplore SAP the students are going to get the learning of all the topics that are explained above. So come and get the interactive online sap qm certification.


SAP QM TrainingOur USP that differentiates us for SAP QM certification:

  • Online Sessions: The live classes are taken by the trainers of the Xplore SAP. So the one who is pursuing his jobs may continue his studies too. So, don’t waste time in just thinking, get the training in sap qm certification.
  • Expert Faculties: The trained trainers are there who will provide you experienced learning as the experience provides a lot of understanding.
  • Future Projects: The students have to complete their projects along with the training. They may clear the doubts of the projects also.
  • 24/7 Live Chats: The option of the live chats is also provided to the students. They may ask their queries regarding the training or other related information and get it solved in no time.
  • Training Stuff: The students will also provide the complete set of the online course material that will contain all the related documents such as the series module, job related documents, project stuff, video online etc.
  • Resume Creation: The experts are there who will assist the students in making their impressive resume as many students do not have the required skills for its creation.


                            Table of content for quality management with sap course


Quality Management Introduction
Quality Management Tables/Tcode
Quality Management in Logistics
Quality Management in Production
Quality Management Inventory Posting
Source Inspection


Enrollment Procedures: The students have to fill the online application so that they may get the enrolled at Xplore SAP for the SAP QM Training. The students may also converse with their faculties and may clear their doubts also. They may meet the teachers at the main center of Xplore SAP.


Placements after SAP QM Training: The placement assistance will be given to the students after the completion of the online training in SAP QM Training. After the training they may ask the teachers regarding any problem with which they have got stuck during their revision.

 Course Content

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