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SAP Online Training

The SAP PS stands for SAP Project System and it is like a tool that tracks the resources, costs and project milestone. The SAP PS module includes the combination of the four modules that is- Logistics, Resources, Human and Controlling modules. It rolls the cost into the Controlling, make use of HR personnel records and make a link with the customers or the materials in the Logistics modules.

The SAP project systems online training is defined by the two main objects that are as follows:

  • Network: It defines the dependencies that exist in the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure).
  • Work Breakdown Structure: It defines the tasks and also assigns the resources to them.

The common processes that are included in the Project System are:

  • Track Milestone: The tracking of the project milestone is done against that of the key dates that are defined within the project.course content
  • Track Cost: The cost is also tracked against that of the WBS elements. These tracked costs are either from the procured services that is used for the project support or from the personnel time that is charged against that of the project and/or from material.

At Xplore SAP all the above modules and their content will be explained in detail in the SAP PS online training. So, why are you wasting time in making the search of the best online training destination? You are on the right path; this will lead you towards your successful end.

Our USP that differentiates us for SAP PS Certification:

  • Live Sessions: The online classes will be there for the students so that they may continue their studies along with the other important tasks like the jobs. They will also get the interactive training through the live examples that will help them to study with full explanation.
  • Expert Trainers: The trained and talented faculties are there at Xplore SAP who will teach the students with their experienced ways as the experience is the only aspect that always finds the way to success.
  • Study Modules: All the necessary study stuff will be provided to the students that may include all the important documents like the series of the modules, project stuff, job related documents and videos and so on. All this training material will help the students in their self studies.
  • Future Projects: Along with the training the students will also provided the live projects that will help them to gain the realistic experience.
  • Online Chats: The students will also be allowed to perform the online chats so that they may clear all their doubts related to the training as well as the projects that are allotted to them.
  • Practical Labs: The practical classes will also be performed so that the students may improve their technical skills.

Table of content for SAP PS Training

Revenues and Earning
Production Resources/Tools (PRT)
Project Progress
Project Information System


Enrollment Procedure: The online application forms will be filled by the students who want to get enrolled at Xplore SAP. They may also converse with the faculties so that they may take the appropriate decision. The Payment will also be done through the online payment gateway that is very secure.

Placements after SAP PS Training: The students will also be given the placement assistance after the completion of the training. The SAP certified application associate will also help you to get the practical experience after the course is done.

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