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SAP MM Course Content  SAP MM TrainingSAP MM Online Training

About SAP MM

The SAP MM stands for SAP Material Management in which the design is build for the movement of the material along with the campus planning. It also considers the tangible components that are the part of the supply chain. The areas that are covered in this module are given below:

  •  Purchasing the spare parts and other replacement parts
  • The quality of the parts is maintained while purchasing and ordering
  • The efficient standards in ordering should be involved
  • Warehousing and shipping the parts

In the SAP MM training at Xplore SAP all the above points are kept in mind and the teaching is done accordingly. All the perspective is taken into consideration so that the best learning can be given to the students.course content

Our USP that differentiates us for SAP MM online training:

  • Online Sessions: The live sessions will be conducted for all the students who want to grab the knowledge in their respective training.
  • Training Stuff: All the study stuff or SAP MM course material will be given to the students for the detailed explanation of all the topics of the module. The series of the topics, project stuff, videos and all the related material is offered.
  • Expert Trainers: The professionals and the talented trainers are there at Xplore SAP so that their experience can give a lot to the students along with the studies.
  • Online Chats: The students will also be allowed to chat online with the trainers or the office members regarding the training or other related information.
  • Regular Assessments: The test series will also be conducted so that the students may easily understand their status of learning in their respective training.
  • Practical Labs: The technical skills of the students may also get improved through the online practical classes that will be conducted along with the theoretical classes.
  • Live Projects: The students are also required to complete their projects with the training so that in case they stuck to any problem they may ask their faculties during the live sessions.


Table of content for SAP materials management training

Introduction to ERP, SAP, MM and enterprise Structure
                                        Master Data
                             Inventory Management
                        Logistics Invoice Verification
                                  Online Agreements
                                      Split Valuation
                                 Batch Management
                      Physical Inventories Procedures
                         Special Procurements Types


Enrollment Procedure: The online registration and the application form filling should be done by all the students who are interested in the SAP MM module training. The Live chats are also provided so that any query regarding the admission or the training may be solved in no time. The students may meet the teachers at our place so that the right decision will be taken by them.

Placements after SAP MM Online Training: Xplore SAP has the tie up with many best consultancies so that the top job assistance may be provided to all the students after the completion of the training. After the training the students may ask their problems to the trainers as at Xplore SAP this facility is provided to all their students.

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