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Online SAP BW  Training  Details for XploreSAP :

SAP BW online training course focuses on the latest version the SAP BW program, ie, SAP BW v7.3, with detailed training on the integration concepts of SAP Hana and SAP BO. Now let us look at what SAP BW is all about and how the training program works.
BW stands for “Business Warehouse”. Hence, it can be said that SAP BW is a solution for warehousing data and information received from a certain vendor SAP. The main reason behind the popular usage of the SAP BW program can be explained by two systems widely used by organizations nowadays – the OLTP and the OLAP.

OLTP is the acronym for Online Transaction Processing, which is an effective business system used for handling daily operations of the business, and is suitable enough for read and write operations pertaining to handling transactions related to the business. Some examples for the OLTP system may include SAP CRM, SAP ECC, Genesys, Lodestar, etc. In much simpler words, any system designed for handling business process of the client is known as an OLTP system. 

Again, OLAP is required by several organizations for the purpose of analytics, for planning, data mining, forecasting, faster query response time, centralization of data storage, along with being used to measure the indicators of key performance available in any business process. Often, it has been seen that OLAP is preferred by businesses over OLTP, because of the fact that there are certain things that OLTP cannot do, but OLAP can definitely do, and quite effectively.
Now coming back to the training program of Xplore SAP, students enrolling themselves for SAP BW training course a Xplore SAP will work on platforms like SAP PM, SAP MM, SAP FI, SAP SD, etc to analyse and interpret business content. These platforms are considered to be the best ones being used in the business analysis scenario nowadays. After the completion of this course, the trainees will be able to perform functions like planning, business analytics, data centralization and data mining, due to the useful knowledge pertaining to the working capabilities of OLTP and OLAP.
Trainees will also be able to work on the latest SAP BW versions, ie, SAP BW v7.3 and SAP BW v3.5, along with the integration concepts of SAP Hana, SAP BO and SAP BODS. The training will be provided by certified experts only. They will help you with all the training material, and at the end of the course, will even help you to prepare your resume. So join the Xplore SAP program today.

Online SAP BW Training Course features :Online SAP BW Training india, USA

  1. SAP BW Online Training will cover Extraction, Modelling and Reporting of the product.
  2. SAP BW 7.0 , SAP BW 7.3 , SAP BW 3.5 versions and differences will be covered.
  3. SAP BO,SAP BODS and SAP HANA Integration will be discussed
  4. SAP BW Certification Orientation Course
  5. Training Conducted by Certified Instructors with vast experience in industry and teaching.
  6. Attend Training from any part of the globe – Its Live Instructor led Training .
  7. Interact Live with Trainer and get your queries answered instantly – Its Interactive Training
  8. Review the recorded  class immediately as soon as Live session completes.
  9. Resume Preparation
  10. Work on Real Project at the end of the SAP BW Training Course
  11. Mock Interviews to test your learning
  12. Weekly Assignments

SAP BW Live Demo:

Pre-requisites for SAP BW Training: Basics of SQL needed to understand this course.

Online SAP BW Training Details:

  • Course Type : Online – Live Instructor led TrainingOnline SAP BW Training, SAP BW Training course
  • Course Duration : 45 Hours

Course Material : Customised Documents with step by Step navigations

Trainer Profile: More than 10 years of Consulting and Training Experience in SAP BW, SAP BO, SAP HANA, SAP BODS. Certified in SAP BW, BO and SAP HANA. Trained more than 500 students so far.

SAP BW Training course outline :

  1. SAP BW Introduction – Version Comparison
  2. Overview on OLTP, OLAP, MDM Model
  3. Datawarehousing Workbench
  4. SAP BW 7.3 Dataflow – new Features of SAP BW Covered in SAP BW Course from XploreSAP.
  5. 5.Upload Master Data and Transaction Data
  6. Working on Datasources, DSO, Infocube, MP, Infoset, Bex Queries
  7. BW on HANA – In Memory DSO, In Memory Infocube, In Memory  Planning
  8. SAP BW – ABAP – basics of  ABAP and ABAP usage in BW
  9. BEX Query Design, Advanced concepts in BW BEX
  10. Transport Management Covered with real time issues in SAP BW Training course from XploreSAP.
  11. SAP Extraction, DB Connect, LO Extractors etc
  12. performance tuning Covered in detailed in  Online SAP BW Course from XploreSAP

Short Introduction on SAP BW: Before we dive into SAP BW Training Course lets understand some basics of SAP BW.

What is SAP BW: SAP BW which stands for Business warehouse is a Data warehousing Solution from the vendor SAP.

Why SAP BW: To understand this we need to understand OLTP and OLAP systems, Every organization will have two types of systems, one is OLTP and other is OLAP.

OLTP Stands for Online transaction Processing system which is a business system meant to handle day to day business operations, which is well suited for read and write operations to handle business transactions. Examples of OLTP systems are SAP ECC, SAP CRM, Lodestar, Genesys  . Keep it simple any system which is meant to handle client business process is an OLTP.

SAP BW Training online course from XploreSAP will cover in OLTP and OLAP differences in detail.

On the other hand organizations  need OLAP for analytics, to measure the key performance indicators of their business, for planning , forecasting, data mining, Centralizing the data storage, for faster query response times etc.  OLAP System from SAP is BW.

There are various reasons why OLTP will not be suited for activities what an OLAP can do. Below are some of the specialties of SAP BW .

SAP BW Course will help you understand the below features of SAP BW (OLAP – DW)

  1. Decreases burden on source system enabling OLTP systems providing faster response times for business functions.
  2. As part of SAP BW Training  we will understand how SAP BW is acting as a centralized Repository for organization reporting needs
  3. Not Just Simple reporting – No more Canned reports But Analytical reporting with slice and dice features, Hierarchical reporting, Formatted reports, Dashboards etc
  4. Independence from IT  – Providing easy report creation enabling business users create simple to medium complex reports without IT team help. At the end of SAP BW Training you will be having a fair idea how SAP BW helps Business users to be independent from IT.
  5. SAP BW Coupled with SAP BO BI 4.0 Provides Flexible Reporting Options – Formatting, Visualizations, Data exploration . In Online SAP BW Course from XploreSAP we will create scenarios to understand SAP BW and SAP BO Integration in detailed.
  6. Efficient Query Processing – Faster Response Times – SAP BW On HANA leveraging – in memory capabilities.  SAP BW 7.3 features with HANA Integration is dealt in detail in SAP BW Training course conducted by us.
  7. In Memory Planning Capabilities with SAP BW on HANA. SAP BW on HANA Training is part of this Training.
  8. Business Content: This is the crucial aspect of SAP BW when compared to other DW tools.

Pre-delivered content from SAP. Quick implementation time with less resource.

As part of SAP BW Training online Course you will be working on business contents in SAP PM, SAP FI, SAP MM, SAP SD.

Considering the Above factors OLAP system like SAP BW is needed in any enterprise for business analytics, planning, Data mining etc.

To Enroll in SAP BW Training Email us on Info@XploreSAP.com


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