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SAP Online Training

What is SAP BW IP?

The SAP BW IP stands for the SAP BW Integrated Planning. It is also known as SAP BI (Business Integration Planning) also. This is SAP BW IP TRAININGarranged with the SAP BI software that is used for the purpose of Data Warehousing. The Data Warehousing is the process in which the important data is extracted from the bulk of information. The data is collected from the different sources and is used for developing the integrated planning for the business. The theoretical content will be used for the system then the collected and combine theoretical knowledge will be the output of that system.

Our USP that differentiates us for SAP BW IP Training:

  • Live Sessions: The live training will be given to the students so that they may continue their other important work with their studies. This will also offer them the live explanations with the live examples. The live examples of the life are not easier to forget that’s why this strategy is followed for learning too.
  • Study Stuff: The study material is given to the students with all the necessary documents like the series of the modules, job assistance material, project stuff, and assignment documents and so on. All The related material is offered for the best detailed learning of the trainees.
  • Live Projects: The future projects will also be given to the trainees so that the live experience of the practical work will be given to them. 
  • Online Chats: The whole day chats will also be offered so that the students may clear all their doubts related to the topics or the project from the expert and professional teachers at Xplore SAP.
  • Test Series: The daily assessments will also be conducted so that the teachers and the student themselves may know about their learning level in the respective training session. course content
  • Practical Training: Along with the live teaching the students will also improve their technical skills too. So, that they may be on the top in both the fields.
  • After Training Help: The students will also be given the assistance after the training also. Isn’t this nice? If yes, then why are you wasting your time in searching? We are here for the best training and job assistance too. 

Table of content for SAP BW IP Training

              Data Warehouse Overview
                  Introduction to BW/BI
            Data Warehouse Work Bench
                SAP BW/BI Data Models
                Flat File Data Abstraction
                            BI Content
                       BW/BI Reporting
                          BEX Analyzer
                    Support activities


Enrollment Procedure: For the admission in the SAP BW IP online training the students has to fill the online application and should submit the registration fee also. After that they will get the schedule as per their choice and then the fee for the training will also be deposited through the online mode only. After that they may get the study material through online way only. The face-to-face meeting with the faculties will also be arranged for the students. For that they may have to login the live chats.

Placements after SAP BW IP Training: The SAP BI-IP consultant will offer you the importance of the training. For any other query you may also enquire from the official sites also. The job assistance will also be provided through our tie ups with the consultancies. So, you are welcome at Xplore SAP for the interactive learning experience.

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