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Online SAP BO Training: SAP BOBJ Reporting, SAP BI 4.0, and SAP BI BO, SAP BO X1 3.xOnline SAP BO Training, USA, India, uk

SAP BO online training, provided by Xplore SAP usually focuses on both SAP BO versions, namely SAP BO v4.0 and SAP BO XI v3.1. The entire training program is simply perfect for consultants who want to make a name for themselves in world of SAP. During the course of the SAP BO training program, the students will also learn about the integration theories of SAP Hana and SAP BW in a detailed manner – so it’s actually a double bonanza package for students enrolling at Xplore SAP.

Online SAP BO Training Highlights:

  1. The entire course curriculum will cover real time and practical scenarios with ample assignments and theoretical exercises.
  2. The curriculum will also include the detailed integration theories of SAP Hana and SAP BW.
  3. The main focus of the training program will be on the latest version of the SAP BO program, ie, SAP BO v4.0.
  4. All the training sessions will be recorded and will be readily available to you for future reference
  5. Students can attend theoretical and practical classes right from the comfort of their home through life interaction with an expert on SAP BO concepts
  6. Xplore SAP will provide customized SAP BO documentation with step by step guidance and navigations along with clear screenshots
  7. At the end of the training program, the trainees will get SAP BO v4.0 certification
  8. After the completion of the training program for SAP BO v4.0, Xplore SAP will share sample resumes with the trainees for future and present reference
  9. The trainers will discuss real time examples with the trainees in order to enhance their practical experience for working effectively in the field.SAP BO  Online Training, India, USA

SAP BO Online Training Details :

  • SAP BO Course: Live online training led by expert instructor in virtual classroom
  • Duration of SAP BO course: The entire training program lasts for approximately 45 hours followed by assignments and discussion on projects
  • Timing of SAP BO course: Customizable as per your needs; can be on weekdays, or even the weekends
  • Added bonus of SAP BO course: Trainees get free and complete access to a vast repository for training material
    Live Instructor led Online Training – Virtual Classroom
  • SAP BO Training Duration: 45 Hours + Assignments + Project Discussion
  • Timings for Course: Weekdays or Weekends and even customized as per your request.
  • Complete Access to your Training material repository.

 All in all, from the looks of the features and details stated above, it can be safely said that the SAP BO course provided by Xplore SAP is perfect for professionals working in other fields to work on their SAP knowledge and enhance their career.

Pre-requisites for SAP BO Training : Basics of SQL are good enough to start mastering this BI skill.

Online SAP BO Training Outline :

  • Introduction to Datawarehousing
  • Tools in SAP BO 4.0 and SAP BO XI 3.1
  • Data Modeling using IDT and UDT
  • Adhoc reporting using WEBI or Interactive Analysis
  • Formatted Reporting Using Crystal Reports
  • Jazzy Interactive Dashboards using Dashboard Design Tool
  • Explore your Business with BO Explorer and Visual Intelligence
  • Security and Administration
  • SAP BW and SAP HANA Introduction

SAP BO Live Demo:

Tools Covered  in Online SAP BO Course:

  • Universe Design Tool
  • Information Design Tool
  • Webi Intelligence Rich Client
  • Launch Pad
  • SAP BO Analysis for OLAP
  • SAP BO Analysis for Microsoft
  • Crystal Reports for Enterprise
  • Crystal Reports 2011
  • Central Management Console
  • Central configuration Manager
  • SAP BO Explorer
  • SAP Visual Intelligence
  • SAP Crystal Dashboards
  • LifeCycle Management Tool
  • SAP BO widgets
  • Live Office
  • QAAWS – Query as a webservice
  • SAP BO Data federator
  • SAP BO Design Studio

 Tools in SAP BO XI 3.1 which are replaced in SAP BO 4.0

  • Universe Designer is replaced with Information Design Tool however it is still there for backward compatibility. In SAP BO Training Online Course from XploreSAP will have detailed sessions in exploring difference in between these tools.
  • Infoview is replaced with Launch Pad.
  • SAP BO Xcelsius now called as SAP Crystal Dashboards
  • Crystal Reports 2008 has next version Crystal Reports 2011 and Crystal Enterprise in future replaces Crystal reports 2011.
  • Voyager under the project name Pioneer is evolved into two tools BO Analysis for OLAP which is based on Voyager and BO Analysis for Microsoft based on SAP BW Bex.
  • Web Intelligence renamed to Interactive analysis.
  • Live Office features integrated into BO Analysis.
  • Polestar is renamed to SAP BO Explorer. In SAP BO Training online Course we will explore more on BO Explorer as polestar is out of scope now.
  • Visual intelligence, a new product from SAP in market which evolved from SAP BO Explorer.
  • Import Wizard replaced by Lifecycle Management Tool

Reporting Tools in SAP BW : SAP BO Training will help you understand how BO tools replace most of the BW reporting.

  • SAP BEX – Business explorer
  • SAP BW Report designer
  • SAP BW – WAD – Web Application designer

Impact BO reporting on SAP BW Reporting tools:  SAP BOBJ Training will take you a deep dive in understanding how BW reporting tools are impacted with BO

  • SAP BW Bex still plays major role in BW reporting as the backend for all BO reporting.
  • Analytical Reporting features of SAP BW can now be obtained from SAP BO Analysis.
  • SAP BW WAD replaced by SAP BO design Tool for Complex analytics and planning
  • SAP Crystal Dashboard going to take over WAD for dashboarding
  • SAP Crystal Reports will take over Formatted reporting & Enterprise reporting features from Report designer


SAP BO reporting varies based on backend system to which BO is Connected to. This course on SAP BO will discuss and practice the below three scenarios.

  • SAP BO Reporting  with Non SAP as Backend.
  • SAP BO reporting with BW as backend. SAP BO Online training will cover creating BO reports with SAP BW BEX as Source using BICS Connection.
  • SAP BO reporting with SAP HANA as backend. although SAP HANA is not covered in detailed in SAP BO Training, we would covering all scenarios to understand SAP HANA and BO Integration.

Interfaces for BO reporting:  SAP BO Training Course will cover each of the below driver in detailed way. Advantages of each of the driver and tools which use them.

  • SQL VIA ODBC and JDBC Connections
  • MDX Connection for OLAP
  • BICS Connections For multidimensional Analysis.

SAP BO and SAP HANA Integration Advantages : while talking about SAP HANA Integration with BO in SAP BO Online training from XploreSAP will help you understand below advantages

  • Real Time reporting
  • In Memory Computing
  • Granular reporting
  • Faster Queries – Super Fast Operational and Analytical reporting.

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