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SAP Online Training

SAP APO Online TrainingWhat is APO?

APO is the part of the SAP training and it stands for Advanced Planning and Optimization. At Xplore SAP you will know about SAP APO, its functionalities, its connection with the other business processes and SAP systems and how it is used by the clients.

SAP APOmay be accessed from anywhere and at anytime. It can be understood more easily and the students will get an efficient experience of learning. In this SAP APO online training the five different learning maps will be explained- Technical Administrators, Supply Chain Operations (Manufacturing), Supply Chain Planning, Business Solutions Technology Consultants and Supply Chain Outbound (Fulfillment) Solution Consultant. There are various objects that are to be studied in the above learning maps like self-tests, documentation, simulations and interactive tutorials and recorded presentations of experts.course content

Our USP that differentiates us for SAP APO training:

  • Demo Sessions: The maximum time of the training will be given to the demo sessions so that the students may get an experience of building an APO system with that of the real business processes.
  • SAP APO Training Material: The various study documents will be provided with the series of the module, project implementation documents, job assistance materials, solved solution guides and so on. These may help the students to get the explanation of all the modules in detail so that they may get the easy learning.
  • Live Sessions by the Experts: With this affordable training the trainees will also be provided these sessions so that their travelling expenses and the time will be saved. The sessions by the experts will provide you open knowledge of all the contents of the course.
  • Future Projects: The live future projects will be given to the students along with the training so that a live experience will be given to them.
  • 24/7 Live Chats: The students will be provided the whole day chats so that in case any problem they may face in their projects or daily sessions they may ask directly to the expert teachers. This may solve their doubts and at the same time may increase their confidence of learning.
  • Routine Assessments: The test series will be taken so that the trainees may know about their status of learning in the SAP APO certification.


Table of content for SAP APOTraining

                                 Demand Planning
       Supply Network Planning/Core Interface(CIF)
                   Global Available-to-Promise
           Production Planning/Detailed Scheduling
                               TP/VS Overview


Enrollment Procedure:

The online registration is required for the admission in the SAP APO certification course at Xplore SAP. The payment will also be done through online payment gateway that is secure enough. You may also talk to our professional and expert regarding the training. This may help you in taking the right decision that may lead you towards your best path of your career.

Placements after SAP APO training:

The SAP APO consultants are also there who will explain you the benefits of this training. We also have the tie ups with the top consultancy services that may help you in your jobs also. They will also help you to make your remarkable resume so that it may add positive points during your job interview.

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