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What is Quality Assurance?QA TRAINING

A system of controls and measures which is established in an organization to assure the product’s quality is known as Quality Assurance. Here, an effective scheme for Quality Assurance is developed which helps in ensuring the acceptable level of the quality product which can be further delivered to the customers. Some testing tools are provided here which tests the quality. Online quality assurance training is offered at Xplore SAP.

Xplore SAP makes the candidates learn about the quality assurance tools and so many related stuffs by providing QA training. This training will make you develop that software which can assure the quality of certain product. Online QA training will be provided here. You will be guided by the best faculty members in QA testing training. Along with these courses, there are other programs which are available like QA certification training. This will help the candidates to get QA certification from a reputed institute.


Our USP that differentiates us for QA Training:

  • Trainers:  Our quality assurance team will be guiding you in the online quality assurance training. If you face any kind of confusion, then our team is always there to help you.
  • Training: Xplore SAP provides online QA training courses where some interactive segments will help you in knowing about the quality assurance in detail and also in a much better way.
  • Faculties Availability: Talk to the faculty members whenever you want to as live chat facility is there in online QA training courses. Here online support is provided to you.
  • Courses: Crash courses for quality assurance certification and several other programs are provided. You can take the benefit of such courses by going through the criteria online.
  • Study Material: Learning modules of QA certification is offered by Xplore SAP. You will also be guided with the interview preparation.
  • Projects: You will be working on the live projects during the QA training courses which will make you aware of the practical working scenario of the professionals.
  • Practical: Practical training will be offered regularly along with improving the interview skills.


                                                        Table of content for QA Training


Introduction to QA
GUI Testing on Windows and other Applications.
Resume builder project, bug reporting and writing.
Bug tracking Databases.
Web testing project.QA Online Training Job Placement
Testing Web Applications.
Documentation of Testing.
Testing Dynamic Applications. (Database)
Testing Printers/Drivers.
Understanding client’s Documentation


Enrolment procedure:

You can get yourself enrolled for the courses which are being offered at Xplore SAP. Some secure ways will be selected for the payment purposes. A series of tests will be conducted once the training program is finished. These tests will help in maintain confidence among the students.


Placements after QA training:

The talented students will be provided with the opportunities to face the interviews according to their respective fields. Job assistance will also be given to the candidates by our expert marketing team. Once the program is over, mock interviews related to the QA jobs will be held. Technical training will help you in finding the quality assurance jobs with ease.

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