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Oracle DBA training

What is Oracle DBA?Oracle DBA Online Training

Oracle database is nothing but the accumulation of the data as a single unit. The main aim of database is to keep the data stored at one place and retrieve that data whenever required. Many problems regarding the information management can be solved with the help of Oracle database. This means that a particular reliable server efficiently manages the huge data of various users. An Oracle database administrator or an Oracle DBA is a professional who is capable enough to do the job related to the creation and management of database.

What is Xplore SAP?

Here comes another question, what kind of Oracle DBA training is provided by Xplore SAP? Xplore SAP provides Oracle DBA training online to all those who cannot afford to visit this place for the training purposes. Xplore SAP helps in providing best training facilities to the candidates who are interested enough in Oracle 11g DBA training.

Xplore SAP is one of the finest places that provides database administrator training to the candidates in a professional way. This training is offered by the experts and Oracle database administrators themselves. Along with this, Oracle DBA certification training is also provided here. All the study material and resources are offered online to the individuals. Oracle DBA certification is the best way to know everything about the Oracle database in a step-by-step basis.

Oracle DBA Online TrainingOur USP that differentiates us for Oracle DBA training

  • Trainers: The trainers that will guide you throughout are database experts. You can freely ask any kind of question and can clear your doubts. The instructors will always be available to provide you support whenever you need it.
  • Training: Some interactive segments will be conducted to offer some real time database administrator training.
  • Faculties: Live chat option enables the student and faculty interaction which eases the process of teaching and also learning.
  • Courses: Online courses related to the oracle database administrator provide facilities to learn database management even if you are sitting abroad or working somewhere else.
  • Study Material: You will get the study material and all the related resources for the training and interview purposes.
  • Projects: You will be provided opportunities and assistances to work during the live projects. This will make you aware about how the professionals handle the situations during practical projects.
  • Videos- The professionals will make you aware of the various sectors of Oracle database through interesting Oracle DBA training videos. These videos will help in getting the concepts clear.

You will be assisted on how to make your resume attractive. You can also enhance your interview skills through this.


                                                Table of content for Oracle DBA training


Oracle Server Architecture
User Management
Oracle Network and Security
Oracle Memory and Space Management
Oracle Backup and Recovery
Diagnostic Sources and Trouble shooting
Oracle Database Maintenance & Managing Data
Performance Tuning


Enrolment procedure:

You can register yourself at Xplore SAP. For the details regarding the payment procedure, you must go through the terms and conditions of the respected training. A series of tests will also be conducted when the training procedure is completed. This will strengthen your confidence and will provide you motivation.

Placements after Oracle DBA training:

Job assistance will be provided to you and our experts will guide you indeed, for the Oracle DBA jobs. Best packages will be offered to you as per your talent and knowledge in the field. You will have to face certain mock tests and interviews. Thus, Oracle online training will surely help in building your career.

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