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Oracle Apps Technical Training

What is database?

Database contains the collection of data where the important details are managed and controlled. Oracle provides a secured way to manage the confidential or non-confidential data in a secured way. It provides facilities to develop apps related to business and also industry.Oracle Apps Financial Online Training

Xplore SAP helps in providing the Oracle apps technical training to the candidates with the proper study materials. The experts help in clearing the doubts of the individuals. Some tests are also conducted to build confidence among the candidates through the Oracle apps training. Along with this, oracle apps free online training will support you to know more the oracle apps and the related deals.

Our USP that differentiates us for oracle apps free online training

  • Instructors:  The experts and professionals will provide you a better learning experience during Oracle apps functional training. Here, oracle apps technical training online helps those who are sitting far away and do not want to leave this golden opportunity. So, they get the learning materials online and are supported by the Xplore faculty.
  • Training: Practical real time sessions will help the candidates to know more about the profession way of course contentworking. This oracle apps training online will help in giving online training to the candidates.
  • Faculties: The experienced instructors are there which help in solving the doubts of the students. Live chat facility helps proper interaction among the faculty and the candidates.
  • Courses:  There are so many training courses which are offered by Xplore SAP like SAP oracle apps technical certification. These will provide complete knowledge regarding the concerned field.
  • Study Material: Online study material is provided to the candidates. In oracle apps online training, the candidates can communicate through the experts online. oracle apps training videos will provide knowledgeable details regarding the courses.
  • Projects: you can work on the live projects to know about the circumstances and the problems that are faced by the professions daily.
  • Practical: You will be prepared for the interviews for future use. The instructors will guide through making a good resume.

                                        Table of content for Oracle Apps Technical Training


Introduction To Oracle
AOL concepts
Rice components
Value Sets
SQL Loader
Forms Customization


Enrolment procedure:

You can get this course at Xplore SAP. To be an oracle apps technical consultant, you will have to go through a series of interviews and according to the capability further actions will be taken. Many other interviews will also be conducted to build the confidence of the individual.

You can get registered in advance also at Xplore SAP. For the payment the secure ideas will be taken. Here we also provide revision of the respective training. After the completion of SAP Online HCM training the test series will be taken so that you can develop enough confidence in yourself regarding the knowledge of the training.

Placements after Oracle Apps Technical Training

The respective fields will have respective placements. A group of professionals will take the interviews and even the job assistance will also be provided. The salary package will be based on the knowledge you have. Mock interviews will help you much in practicing the stuffs you already know and clearing your doubts.

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